LOST – “The Incident” in Translation, Part Two


sobek1 A better look at the statue would seemingly lead one away from the gods Tawaret and Anubis, introducing another Egyptian Diety as the island’s potential avatar… Sobek.

A powerful and frightening deity, it was Sobek who first came out of the dark waters of chaos to create the world.

Sobek was often thought of as being beyond good or evil, though he was seen as a repairer of evil that had been done.

In one reference, Sobek was also said to call on suitable gods and goddesses required for protecting people in need, effectively having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part.

Sound familiar?

to be continued…



7 Responses to “LOST – “The Incident” in Translation, Part Two”

  1. […] And I’m now firmly away from the statue being either of the above and in the Sobek camp: […]

    • I am interested in your Sobek theory, and the front of the statue will prove it so; however, I am still an ardent fan of the Tawaret theory. Her headress, ears, and ankts, and four toed feet weigh much more heavily than the face of a crocodile. And the relationship between Tawaret and the protector of pregnant women in correlation to the curse of pregnant women on the island? Just too much in Tawaret’s favor. Perhaps there’s a synthesis between these two gods? Both Sobek and Tawaret? Maybe the writers are straying us away from making direct conclusions too fast?

      • Tawaret is also a hippo…and in most depictions is shown as such but on hind legs. the positioning and stance of the LOST statue and feet is much more compelling as Sobek.

  2. Random Person Says:

    The only thing “Tawaret” is never shown with the sex symbol in the hand. So Sobek is a better possibility.

  3. Sorry but Sobek is carrying the Ankh which in Egyptian mythology is the symbol for eternal life not the 20th centuries interpretation of sex.

  4. I thought the statue of Taweret (The Goddess of Childbirth) was a statue of the God Anubis at first, however, later you get a better image of the statue and then it looks like Tawaret or Sobek; most likely Sobek because Tawaret is a woman). Because it makes more sense (that it is Anubis): the ending I picture is that they all died in the planecrash from the very beginning, that the island is the afterlife or purgatory (for christians) before going to heaven, and thus that Anubis watches over the dead … And finally in the end they all accept that they are death, have made redemption, and go to heaven…
    Apparently the “correct explanation” is that they survived the crash but died later on, that when Jack dies in the end he only then goes to purgatory and that Hurly becomes the new protector of the island and dies much later, etc.
    Some people however take it all to literal, or not literal enough… Christian Sheppard ‘clearly’ says: “Yeah, I’m real, everything that ever happened to you is real … everyone dies sometime, kiddo. Some of them before you, some of the long after you … Well there is no now here.”
    What does this mean? its open for interpretation in my opinion. Some people claim that they have all the answers. Everything that ever happened to him is real, however, its a pretty fantastic show, isn’t it? So the afterlife is REAL. So, according to me, they died in the planecrash in the first episode and went to the afterlife (which is real) to be confronted with their sins, imperfections and flaws. Also there is “no now here” (like there is no now on earth itself), which means that time is relative, so dying now or then doesn’t make any difference because there is only this one instance, the now, eternity, thats what Christian was trying to explain. The people on the plane all died at the same time, or did they?
    However, for the ones that are cynical and keep hanging on that the “real ending” is that Kate and Sawyer got away on the plane, that Hurly and Ben became the new protectors of the island, etc… The people on the plane weren’t the only ones on the island, right? What about Ben, when did he die? Maybe he died as a baby and became a man in the afterlife… What about Ricardo? He wasn’t on the plane either, now was he? No he’s from the late nineteenth century and got shipwrecked … maybe he died then.
    So you see, they could have died in the planecrash, but we can all agree to one thing, they haven’t explained much in the series, which is quit good, because like I said: they leave much open to the imagination and interpretation… I see the show how I want it to see, and it makes it much better a show for it.
    (Though I am pretty disappointed about some vital explanations needed like mentioned above.)

  5. Also Sobek and Taweret are consorts.

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