LOST – “The Incident” in Translation, Part Three

lost_finale“In my experience, the guys who go out of their way
to tell you they’re the good guys are the bad guys.”

~Frank Lapidus

Well done, writers… well done. You have succeeded in making my life miserable, and I’m sure that was your intent all along. In the brilliant season five finale, you made me question everything. You keep me on the edge of my seat in a state of nail biting madness. You blew my theories completely out of the water (except for the actual detonation part… score one for me!!!). You drug me to the edge of tears and delivered one of the most gripping, heartbreaking moments I’ve ever been forced to watch. And you completely and utterly destroyed my favorite character on the show, and did it in such a way that I didn’t mind, because it served the story so damned well…

Welcome to my thoughts on The Incident, which I write this morning with a heavy heart and with a trepidation of things to come… It was everything they promised it would be: game changing? Oh, most definitely.

The writers have positioned themselves perfectly. At this point, anything can happen. We are now completely and utterly lost… cast adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

And it’s a glorious feeling.

Alright… let’s get down to business. Now Team Darlton assured us that come Thursday morning talk around the water cooler would be less about the major death (of which, in a sense, there were three) and more about the game changing “fork in the socket”.

I disagree.

For me, the most poignant moment in the finale, the one that punched me in the gut the hardest was Juliet’s Descent. Can we possibly get Emmy nods for both Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway? Damn it, but that tore my heart out. Which goes to show that, for all the mythological mental gymnastics this show inspires, it’s the characters and their defining moments that sell the series.

“It’s always something with you people.”
~Rose Henderson

Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship was tossed into a blender last night. The turmoil that Juliet was going through was rending. From being desperate to stop Jack so that her life with James would always be, to becoming desperate to help Jack succeed so that they would have never been… and in the end, realizing that, gods damn it, they were in love, despite a lingering glance between old lovers. James Ford loved her, and in those final moments, she knew it… she had to know it… even as our hearts were breaking and she tumbled into the great black and her date with destiny and a hydrogen bomb.

Of course there was another little matter that took a few moments to sink in… R.I.P. John Locke… my friend, we hardly knew ya. In the end, John Locke… the real John Locke, not the black shirted, smoke monstered doppelganger… was what he’d always been: a failure. A led around by a ring in his nose, self-defeating, screw up who was played and manipulated by everyone and everything.

That hurt.

I wanted so much more for John. He captured me from day one, quickly becoming my favorite in a cast of awesome characters. The Man of Faith… and in the end, he was weak and pathetic, despite how hard he tried to be otherwise.

Is there still hope for redemption for John Locke?

Maybe… if Faraday’s plan worked… if Time has been reset… John Locke might just get another chance, and if so, I hope this Man of Faith can become, at last, the man I’d had faith in.

Yes, I know… today everyone’s talking about Jacob and Smokey, of how they are in this immortal conflict, this war with one another. The water cooler talk is about Smokey finding the loophole and, in the guise of John Locke, leading Ben to slaughter Jacob. Everyone’s talking about how Jacob has been the one responsible for bringing people to the island, to test them… to motivate them, prodding them toward…. their destiny?

Anyone else get an American Gods vibe out of this? I sure as hell did…


There’s still so much to digest, and we’ve got seven months to do it.

While everyone is scurrying around, contemplating the deeper mysteries, and trust me I’ll be there right beside them soon enough, I’m going to take some time to mull things over and to mourn…

Did they succeed in resetting Time? Where will season six find our Pastaways? How has the nuclear detonation effected the present? In a nutshell, where do they go from here?

End, Part the Third… but with the promise of more to come…


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