LOST – “The Incident” in Translation, Part Four

Because I couldn’t resist…

You’re trying to prove me wrong.

You are wrong.

They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt.
It always ends the same.

It can only end once. Everything before that is progress.

~Jacob and the Smoke Monster

And so it goes, the eternal back and forth between these two timeless adversaries. Both manipulating people and events in an ongoing conflict that is a game with set rules, not the least of which being that they are barred from killing one another. It’s been hinted at as far back as season one, when John Locke explained the game of backgammon to Walt as being a contest between two players, on black and one white.

The John Locke doppelganger said as much, declaring the trials and tribulations he’d gone through to bring Jacob’s demise to the fore, manipulating Ben and honing him into the magic bullet aimed straight at his adversary’s heart.


But Jacob seemed almost eager for the killing blow, offering himself up like an aged Jedi prepared to “become more powerful that you can possibly imagine”. Like Aslan, the sacrificial lion of Narnia, Jacob accepted Ben’s attack assured that he had his own pieces in place and ready to be positioned for an endgame that would favor him instead.

“They’re coming,” he said.

“Who?”, you ask…

Why, Jack – Sawyer – Kate – and the whole Hee Haw Gang, of course.

Jacob was assembling his army, pushing and prodding the Losties toward their destined Island venture so that they in turn could be his chess pieces in his little game of redemption, absolution, and perhaps the exercise in free will.

Look more closely at the paths he laid out for them.

Kate: Busted for shoplifting, he paid off the shop owner to keep him from calling her parents. Had she been disciplined, how different would Kate have been?

James: Jacob offered up the pen in which the boy could write his vengeance-fueled letter, the defining moment in the young boy’s life, that carried him through to adulthood and forging him into a mirror of that which he hated most.

Locke: Forgiveness and hope offered to a broken man betrayed by his father.

Jack: A little push in the right direction, with an Apollo bar no less.

Sayid: Poor Sayid, was culled from harms way as Nadia was struck down, opening up for him his path to revenge-fueled, killing machine madness.

Is Jacob good or evil? Is he beyond these simplistic classifications?

One thing we know for sure, there is a war coming and season six will be an amazing journey.

to be continued…


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