LOST – The Incident, or Days of Future Past?


Here we are, mere hours from the season five finale, and I have been diligently avoiding spoilers. Oh sure, I’ve heard the same rumors all of you have… I’ve caught the actor interviews as they make their rounds on various late night talk shows…  but still, I’m going in cold for the most part and that’s both exhilarating and frightening, just as a LOST finale should be…

So, you’ve most likely read my endgame theory and now know that I missed the mark by a fair bit, so I guess it’s time, taking a cue from LOST itself, for a bit of course correcting.

I still stand by my belief that at the end of the episode everyone will be seemingly killed by Jack’s detonation of the hydrogen bomb… Obviously, Kate will entice Sawyer and Juliet back to the island to try and stop Jack’s mad plan… in a homage to Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Kate will shoot Jack and, with his dying breath, he will blow everything up.

In the present, Locke marches the Others toward a meeting with Jacob, telling Ben that his true intention is to kill the phantasmal entity locked away in Horace’s cabin. In truth, I think that this “assassination” is really Locke’s attempt to liberate him from captivity. Their success will coincide with the detonation in the past, bringing both timelines into sync.

I expect we’ll learn a bit more about the mysterious Anubis Cult and how they came to the island, what the statue is (Tawaret, Goddess of Fertility, betrothed to the Lord of the Underworld), and how Jacob came to be stranded on the island as well. Maybe for grins, giggles, and laughs they’ll toss us a little Richard Alpert back-story as well… but they’ll also set up the Hanso Foundation as next season’s intrigue, and the Black Rock will weigh heavily in that.

But how, oh how are they going to get around everyone dying?

Will they be so bold as to have Jack’s by way of Faraday’s plan work and Time reset?

Will season five end with Oceanic Flight 815 landing safely in Los Angeles?

Tune in with me on Wednesday night to find out… then we can spend the next nine months talking about it.


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