Supernatural – “When the Levee Breaks”


“Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good…”
~Led Zeppelin

Seals are being broken at an alarming rate while Dean and Bobby keep Sam locked up in a satanic panic room… but he won’t stay a prisoner for long as the big guy upstairs has plans for the demon blood drinking young boy, sending the heavenly tortured Castiel to perform a supernatural version of Prison Break and pitting brother against brother.

When the dust cleared following the brotherly spat, Dean delivered the final blow, voicing the very words that their father had cut Sam with so long ago, “You walk out that door, don’t ever come back”.

Brutal… but not compared to what’s to come.

The penultimate episode of season four, “When the Levee Breaks”, was a great setup for next week’s season ender. Our favorite pawns, Sam and Dean, have been moved into position as Castiel and the Angels prepare for the big throwdown with Lilith and her Demons… the name of the game: Apocalypse, of course.

The promise of “Lucifer Rising” and the probable outcome looms on the dark horizon. We got a taste of the Sam vs Dean war last night, but next week is when I believe all hell breaks loose.

As I see it, the demons intent on breaking the seals to bring Lucifer back into the world have been keeping a very guarded secret. For Lucifer to once more walk the earth will require him to slip into a meat suit, and that’s what Sam’s been prepared for, to be the earthly vessel of the Prince of Darkness.

Boy is Dean going to be pissed.

And he’s going to have his work cut out for him. As the chosen warrior of God’s little Angel Army, the spearhead of the assault against the dark forces, Dean will have to face off against his brother in a no holds barred battle royale to the death… and I suspect there will be a lot of fodder along the way.

Expect lots of deaths, angels and demons alike, but I also suspect that time may be up for my favorite Supernatural cast member, Bobby Singer.

“Lucifer Rising” airs Thursday, May 14th at 9pm on the CW.

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