Lost – “Follow the Leader”


“Thank God for the Bomb”
~Ozzy Osbourne

Jack Shephard… our faith-challenged, Achilles-heeled, angst-ridden hero… the man of action/man of science of our little passion play… has stared into the face of destiny and found his purpose. His newfound faith, born from the death of Faraday (and much to the chagrin of Kate), being that Time can be altered… that “Whatever Happened” doesn’t necessarily have to happen… at least not when you have access to a hydrogen bomb.

Kate’s never been one of my island favorites. Not since the first season anyway. I’ve really felt the writers missed some great opportunities to develop her, and as we drew near the close of season four and into this season I have seen a change for the better on that end. This episode I really felt bad for her because Jack just threw her under the bus, baggage and all.

Jack’s half empty butted heads with Kate’s half full and the resulting conflict ripped an irreparable hole in the Jack-Kate Continuum. Dead set on following through with Faraday’s plans for detonating Jughead, Jack believes it will erase the past three years of misery and heartache that they’ve all endured… but Kate doesn’t see it that way. It wasn’t all misery, she pined. And then Jack sealed the deal with his response. “Enough of it was.”

Talk about slapping a girl in the face.

So, taking a page out of Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Jack Sheppard, ala Moses/Taylor/Heston, is looking to right the worlds wrongs with a little nuclear fusion. With Sayid and Eloise Hawking onboard (and a less than enthusiastic Richard Alpert), the love story of Jack and Kate comes to a close, not with a whimper, but with the promise of a big bang, the likes of which will send ripples throughout Island history.

“The time is gone, the song is over,
thought Id something more to say.”

~Pink Floyd

Hurley, Hurley, Hurley… my friend, you slay me. In what was one of the funnier bits ever, the confrontation between Pierre Chang and the Three Amigos (Hugo, Miles, and the underused Jin) goes down in the annals of television history. Poor Hugo, fumbling over Pierre’s impromptu history lesson. The kid has a big heart to go along with his mighty girth, but intellectual discourse is not his strong suit.

It was a great scene, moving the story forward while giving us a few laughs coupled with some tender moments. The “Whatever Happened, Happened” scenerio is played out and cemented once more as they impress upon Miles’ daddy that so far Dan’s been right about everything and they need to evacuate the Island ASAP.

It was great to see them watching the people shepherded onto the sub, and the subsequent moment when Pierre Chang is forcing Lara and baby Miles onto the escaping vehicle. And with late arrivals showing up, it leads one to wonder just what exactly is going to go down next week.

“If it came right down to me and you
You know it’s true, Baby I’d die for you”

~Bon Jovi

I just can’t get enough of Sawyer and Juliet… my favorite Island couple. Of course they’ve seen better days. Radzinsky’s taken overand he’s got a hard on for laying some thunderous blows upon his former colleague. Leave it to Sawyer to keep his sharp tongue throughout the beating.

In the end, Sawyer makes a deal to get him and his lady love onto the sub, selling out the Others in exchange for a one way ticket to the real world and the promise of riches to come (buying into Microsoft and betting on Dallas in the 78 Super Bowl). But just as they’re set to embark on the next chapter of the lives together, fate deals them a dagger when Kate comes onboard, exiled by order of Chang.

Elizabeth Mitchell is such a wonderful actress. Wordlessly she spoke volumes as Kate came down to sit between her and her man. That’s the great thing aout Juliette, she’s a wee bit of a sociopath. If looks could kill they’d be mopping up Kate’s bloody remains off the deck of the submarine.

So now I’m wondering just how the mutiny’s going to play out, because you know damn good and well that as soon as Kate spills the beans about Jack’s doomsday scenerio that Sawyer’s going to climb aboard his offwhite horse and gallop off to stop him.

He’s the last person who’d want the clock reset and have everything go back to the way it was. For one, his life before was kind of meandering and meaningless, and I think he’s head over heels in love with Juliet and doesn’t want to see that mucked up by the Doc’s endgame.

“Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave.
I don’t want to die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?”

~Iron Maiden

Which brings us around to John Locke. Man, what I wouldn’t give for a peek inside that guys head. There’s little doubt that through resurrection he is a changed man. Dying and being reborn tends to have that kind of effect on a person, but this secret, arcane knowledge he seemingly possesses, this direct link to the Island and its needs, is unnerving. Once he was the learner, but now he is the master… or at least he will be once he kills Jacob.

Yes, that’s right… kills Jacob.

How the hell do you kill a ghost and why? By killing Jacob, might he be at last set free from his prison of cabin and ash? Or is he somehow diabolical in nature and working against the Island’s wishes? Or, is it John Locke who has gone all Dark Jedi and is now a threat to all?

One thing’s for sure, Ben’s not happy about this, and neither for that matter is Richard Alpert. They’re both afraid of what’s coming, and I think they have a right to be. Richard, who had seemed to be some sort of all-knowing adviser to the Others power elite, now comes across as less confident and secure. Of course, the revelation that much of his foresight has come from the mouth of a time travelling Locke paints a far different picture of our mysterious friend.

Things are getting ready to become very interesting, to say the least.

“The end is just a little harder
when brought about by friends.”

~Jesus Christ Superstar

So, here we are, at the end of the road that is season five. “Follow the Leader” has set the stage perfectly for the two hour finale. As I’ve said before, I believe that everyone dies… and Richard Alpert agrees. “The Incident” will be big, bold, and befuddling… keeping us talking for the nine months that we’ll be forced to wait for the start of season six… and I plan on savoring every morsel.

See ya next week…


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