Lost in Translation – Season 6?


being an addendum to my Incidental Theory
and where I totally go off the reservation
and throw out one huge, far-out rumination

I’ll assume that you’ve already read my theories as to the ending of season 5… you know, the one in which I state that we will in fact fade to black as the Jughead is detonated and the tremendous plume of a mushroom cloud rises up from the island… I theorized that we will see a montage of the Losties and the pivotal points in their lives that linked them to the island all along…

What I didn’t state, though I’m sure I implied, was that the oft mentioned “Zombie” season of Lost, an ongoing “joke” by Team Darlton, I believe, has more than a bit of truth to it.

Yes, I believe that with the end of season 5, at the conclusion of “The Incident”, everyone on the island will be killed.



The neat thing about the island is… this doesn’t mean their stories are over. They will, in fact, be resurrected in much the same manner as so many other living and breathing challenged characters have been (Locke, Christian Sheppard, Claire, et al).

I also believe that the island will not be destroyed by the atomic bomb. The explosion will be diffused throughout time, limiting its overall impact (though assuredly being the cause for the statue’s destruction).

Then what?

Where do our resurrected zombie Losties end up? Past, Present, or Future? Or are they again scattered throughout the timeline?

Therein lies the rub.

Today, I’m leaning toward scattered.


2 Responses to “Lost in Translation – Season 6?”

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