LOST in Translation – Incidental Theory


Treated to a clip show last night, I decided it was time to put down in words my thoughts on the season five endgame. We’ve all got our theories on how this season is going to wrap up and the position our heroes and villians will be in by the time the credits roll at the end of the two-part finale, “The Incident”. So strap on your safety hemet and prepare to be tossed about as I take you on the magical mystery tour.

***Be warned… possible spoilers below***

This is where it all ends.
~The Cult, Sun King

In 1977, we will learn why the Others have allowed Dharma to build the Swan station in their territory undeterred. It’s because this is where they buried Jughead, the nuclear bomb left over from the American Military’s visit back in the 50s. In subsequent years, the Others have given this area a wide berth, but now, with construction of Radzinsky’s dream project, Jughead once again threatens the island and all its inhabitants.

“The Incident” will be when Jughead is accidentally discovered, and damaged, by the Dharma work crew. The unique properties of the island’s magnetic field interacting with the nuclear bomb will create an enormous problem for Chang and the boys, but Daniel Faraday will work out a temporary fix to the problem involving the reburying of the bomb under an enormous amount of concrete and a button that has to be pushed every 108 minutes. Dharma will evacuate all mothers, children, and non-essential personnel.

Meanwhile, the jig is up for the Losties as LaFleur’s long con falls to pieces. They’ll end up on the run from Dharma Security and Juliet will be killed as they attempt to escape on the submarine. This avenue lost to them, they flee into the jungle, eventually joining up with young Ben and the Others who lead them to the Temple for safety.

In 2009, we will learn what lies in the shadow of the statue and the answer is Jughead. Unfortunately I think we’ll also learn that Illana and Bram are Dharma Initiative version 2.0. They are the children that were evacuated from the island following “The Incident” and they are here to exact revenge and reclaim the island.

Ben, Sun, and Locke will journey to the Temple and be reunited with Richard and the Others. Another “time travel” device will be here and it will be used to reunite the Losties… but not before Dharma 2.0 extracts their pound of flesh… they will detonate Jughead and we’ll be treated to a montage of pivotal moments in the lives of the Losties and how they have always been intricately linked to the island… a great mushroom cloud will rise up and we’ll fade to black…

Now the fun part will be sitting back and watching these final episodes and  seeing how close I am…

Care to discuss?

Next week Lost celebrates its 100th episode, “The Variable”. Daniel-centric, this should be heavy on the show’s mythology, especially from the Dharma side of the equation… however, we’ll be sure to get the nitty gritty on Daniel’s parentage and that should be revelatory on many levels.


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