LOST: Dead is Dead


“Dead is Dead”

“You don’t like this, do you?”


“Having to ask questions you don’t know the answers to. Blindly following someone in the hopes they’ll lead you to what you’re looking for.”

“No, John, I don’t like it at all.”

“Well, now you know what it was like to be me.”

I’ve been led astray…

Well, you win some, you lose some. Trying to figure out where Lost is headed and solving the riddles the writers have laid out for us is a dice game at best. So, first things first, let’s get my failures out of the way, shall we?

Two key points where I dropped the proverbial crystal ball were actually pretty big.

I thought for sure that Ben had somehow tricked Charles Widmore into turning the frozen donkey wheel and thereby banishing him from the island.

Not the case. Instead, he was merely led off in chains and transported via sub back to the real world. His crimes? Spending too much time off island and fathering a daughter with an outsider.

The second plot point that I was absolutely convinced of was Penny’s death. My thinking was that Ben popping a cap in Desmond’s significant other was to be the catalyst for getting Glasgow’s favorite son back to the island, on a mission of revenge.

Instead we find out that Ben actually has a heart. Not much of one, but it’s there just the same.

The writers did a wonderful job of tying in Ben’s theft of Alex and Penelope’s stay of execution. See, Big Bad Ben has a soft spot for kids. Who knew?


It’s so hard to wrap your head around that guy. He’s a liar, through and through… a master manipulator. He’s constantly playing people off one another, and he’s sharp, able to change on a dime and redirect a situation, always staying one step ahead of everyone.

He played me as surely as he played Caesar last night. See that one coming? Nope, I sure didn’t.

Is Ben ultimately good or evil? Those waters are so  muddied now that I don’t think there is an answer.

Speaking of not seeing that coming…

Bram and Illana take their place in the Lost pantheon of bad ass entrants to the game, much to my favorite flyboy’s chagrin. The subtle accent shift from Illana definitely tickled my inner fanboy as I immediately got the sense that it had an Egyptian inflection.

I’ve gone on and on about the Anubis Cult, and I’ll go on and on some more here in a bit, but here I am stating it loud and proud, these two are knee deep in the intricacies of the biggest island mystery of all.

What lies in the shadow of the statue?

Are you kidding me?

When she spoke those words I practically climbed the walls. Surely a secret island code for something with an equally cryptic response, though surely the answer is either the Temple or the frozen donkey wheel…

Poor Frank didn’t know the answer and so got a bump on the head for his ignorance, but I still wonder if Widmore isn’t tied into this part as well. Could Illana and Bram be on Charles’ payroll? Maybe, though another entrant into the game is not out of the question.

Sometimes I get it right…


Led to the Underworld by newly Jedi’d John Locke, Indiana Ben enters the Temple of Doom to face judgment at the hand of Ol’ Smokey. Has there been a more captivating moment in television history? I was riveted.

And, thanks to the set decor I felt a bit of redemption for my earlier gaffs.

Welcome to Egyptian Mythology 101, boys and girls. I knew that anthropology degree would some day come in handy…

The Smoke Monster appears to be none other than Amamet, a terrifying demon who waited in the Hall of Two Truths for the arrival of souls brought in for judgment by none other than Anubis.  In what was called the Weighing of the Soul, the aspirant to the after-life would have a chance to defend his deeds, but if found wanting, Anubis would feed the cast out spirit to the Eater of the Dead, Amamet the Devourer.

dead1Did the Anubis Cult come to the island and set up shop? It looks like it, and they brought all their toys and playmates. I’m eager to get a glimpse of this mysterious Temple. More revelations are sure to come.

Finally, the John Locke I’ve been waiting for…

“As long as the dead guy says there’s a reason, I guess everything’s going to be just peachy.” – Frank Lapidus

We’ve seen Season Five play with themes of role reversal and proxies, and nowhere is this more evident than the transformation of John Locke, as he becomes the all knowing, all seeing figure that Ben always seemed to be.

Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson are simply breathtaking to watch. They are so good at their craft, punctuating every scene with stellar performances.

Look into their eyes. Gods, but they’re selling it. The knowing wisdom reflected in Locke’s face is a wonderment as surely as Ben’s frightened and unsure visage.

The island has taken its pound of flesh from both men, and after this episode, well, it will be interesting to see how the chessmatch plays out. As we draw nearer to the endgame, new players will emerge and test them both.

The ghost in the machine is Jacob, and he has poked and prodded these two men toward an uncertain outcome.

I’m chomping at the proverbial bit to see behind the Temple Wall and the divine revelation that awaits.

Does Locke know what’s coming? I get the sense that he does.

When all the major players are reunited something strange and wondrous will happen. We will be led to something unexpected, something that has far reaching ramifications.

Jacob is the key… and he’s coming.

to be continued

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  1. I love waking up with you on Thursday Mornings cupcake

  2. Great post! Alot to think about…

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