LOST – “Whatever Happened, Happened”


Episode 5/11

“Whatever Happened, Happened”

First, let me say that I found last night’s  “Whatever Happened, Happened” to be a far stronger episode than last week’s “He’s Our You”. Hats off to Evangaline Lily’s performance as I feel she really brought her A game for the first time since doing time in the polar bear cages.

As much as I have pondered the thematics of Lost’s reliance on “daddy issues”,  here we have the subject of maternal instinct brought to the fore. Fitting, for the character of Kate Austin had been led down a path toward role reversal, as her fleet of foot, run from any problem way of handling things was brought to a screeching halt when she became, for three years, the surrogate mother to baby Aaron.

Ms. Lily’s heartfelt performance was wrenching and painfully real as we watched her realize that as much as she wanted to be Aaron’s mother, as much as she needed to fulfill that role, it was just pretend.

Guilt led her back to the island… guilt for having all but abandoned Aaron’s mother. And Kate made the hardest decision of her life… to hand Aaron over to his grandmother and join up with Jack and Company for a return to fantasy island… not for Sawyer or Jack… not for herself… but for Claire… and for Aaron.

The Odd Couple

Lest we forget, we are in the middle of a time travel drama and who better to serve as our instructor in all things quantum than Sawyer-lite Miles Straum. Hurley does an admirable stand in as “everyman”, a role he’s played before. Hurley is us… asking the obvious questions and mulling over the “Back to the Future” elements of how fragile existence is if we were to change a single detail of the past.

The banter between these two all but stole the show and was comedic gold. Miles had a pretty good handle on the situation until Hurley threw him the curve ball about Little Ben becoming Big Ben and whether or not he’d remember that it was Sayid who shot him, leading to a whole can of worms that has been talked about online ad nauseum.

A nil point if Ben were to die, of course, but then Miles is convinced that can’t happened because, well, “Whatever Happened, Happened”.

More on that later…

“Then I guess he dies.”

So we’ve got ourselves a situation. Little Ben’s dying and Juliet can’t stop it. Only one man can… and his name is Jack Sheppard. Oh Jack, how you’ve changed. We discussed this in previous weeks, and Sawyer called the Doc on it… Jack was a frantic hero, rushing from one catastrophe to the next, desperate to save the day. But not this new and improved Jack. Dr. Sheppard calmly stared James Ford-Sawyer-LaFleur in the face and said “no”, Hippocratic Oath be damned.

It was almost like Jack and Sawyer had traded places. In the past it was Jack who would come to Sawyer for help only to be met with a smirk, wink, and  go screw yourself attitude.

Now it’s Sawyer’s turn to run around like a chicken with his head cut off and play the hero, except our favorite rogue is lacking in the surgical skills department, so he has to do the next best thing… put in a call to Richard Alpert.

Little Boy Lost

You can’t just shake that motherly instinct once you’ve tried it on for size. Don’t believe me? Well let me introduce you to Kate. See, Katey ain’t going to stand for any of this “let Ben die” nonsense. He’s a little kid, for gods’ sake. She’s got to do something, even if Jack won’t.

With the aid of Juliet, Kate does what she does best… she runs, but this time she’s not alone. She’s got baby Ben in tow and she’s headed for the Others and the help that she’s sure that Richard Alpert can give.

Of course,  Sawyer 2.0 comes along to lend a hand, as much because he agrees that something must be done to save the boy, but more importantly because Juliet told him to. He even says as much, in what I felt was one of the more understated, but important lines of the episode. Sawyer was doing it for Juliet…

After being subjected to the obligatory ex-lover speak as the two made there way through the jungle, Richard finally appears and takes Ben from them, assuring them that he can indeed save him, but at a terrible price… he would have no memory of the event that brought him there (hence future Ben no remembering that Sayid popped a cap in him, so you can rest a little easier now Miles), but more importantly would be the loss of innocence. After this, Ben would always be one of them.

And therein lies the rub.

Future Ben… cold and calculating Ben… was a monster made by all of the Losties. Each one had a hand in his recreation. From Sayid’s bullet, to Jack’s refusal to operate, to Juliet, Kate, and Sawyer’s decision to turn him over to Richard… this was the turning point, when Gentle Ben was turned to the Dark Side of the Force… led into the Temple of Doom to have his soul ripped out and replaced by something black and bleak and cold.

And don’t think I’m kidding about the soul removal bit.

I’m still sold on the idea that The Anubis Cult figures strongly in the history of the Island. Remember, Anubis was the protector of the dead and delivered the deceased to the afterlife. It was he who was charged with the weighing of the soul…. and we’ll be getting a glimpse into this aspect in next week’s Ben-centric episode.

“Hello Ben, welcome back to the land of the living.”

And in true Lost fashion, they punched me right in the gut with the final few seconds as we bear witness to Old Linus coming to on a gurney back in the future, or the present, or… well, you know… The look on his face, seeing John Locke sitting across from him, was priceless.

So let the countdown to next week’s “Dead is Dead” begin. This just may be the most agonizing wait in the series’ history. April 8th will not come soon enough.

Last minute Addendum: Yes, I did catch the Ellie and Charles reference that the Others made to Richard. Co-Leaders perhaps? Mom and Pop to Faraday as well? Answers next week?

We shall see.

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  1. I’ve absolutely given up watching this year, having missed two or three episodes now. I am keeping up here, though, so I won’t be completely frazzled and desperate when it’s out on DVD. :)

    BTW – you’ve been tagged & awarded. Stop by the blog when ya get a chance. :)

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