Lost – “He’s Our You”


“He’s Our You”

What is the central theme to Lost? It’s a good question, and I think a case could be made that it is all about Daddy issues. Virtually every character on this show has got ’em.

Sun was raised by a corrupt and dishonorable businessman who lorded his power over everyone and who, in a sense, became a surrogate father to Jin, corrupting the sweet and gentle young man and turning him into one of his goons. Of course, Jin’s got daddy issues of his own as he sought to disown his father out of shame for his humble fisherman’s station in life.

Kate killed her abusive father.

Sawyer took the name of the man who led his father to commit an act of murder / suicide.

Hell, even Aaron’s daddy abandoned him before he was even born, and the man who wanted to be his father, Charlie, died that he might save him and his mother.

Claire of course has daddy issues of her own, closely tied to Jack’s own issues as they share the same Ghost Dad.

And lest we forget, John Locke’s father stole his kidney and tossed him out a window.

And so, here we are with the Sayid-centric tenth episode of season five where we learn that Sayid too is fatherly challenged in the sense that it was his daddy that set him on his killer path by instilling in him that a man does just that, he kills when necessary.

It’s the one thing the Sayid does well by his own admission.

And Ben. Poor little Ben. The scene with his own father, who we already knew was a cruel and emotionally scarring bastard, was painful to watch. Seeing the physical abuse played out on top of what we’d already learned about their relationship added a depth to Ben’s character.

But was it Roger Linus who led his son down the dark path he was destined for?


See… Ben goes all Lex Luthor because Sayid popped a cap in his ass. Prior to that moment he was just an innocent and thoughtful kid who wanted to escape the physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father.

Just as “Sawyer” became James Ford’s defining father figure, Sayid has become Ben’s.

Obviously Ben will survive Sayid’s assassination attempt, whether it is through, as I imagine, the heroics of either Jack or Juliet, or through the magic healing properties of the Island itself.

We now see how Ben has been shaped by the very people he will torment nearly thirty years in the future.

It’s a vicious little circle, but all the pieces have yet to be played and the rest of season five should be quite interesting as the endgame draws nearer.

But that’s not all…

There were some great moments in “He’s Our You”, even if I did think they drug out the revelation of Sayid and Ilana’s ill-fated union a bit much. I was surprised by it though.  I expected her to either be working for Ben or Widmore. The reveal that she was a bounty hunter came as a mild shocker, and that she and Sayid were on the plane to Guam as a mere “coincidence” plays into the overall mythology of the show. The Island moves in mysterious ways.

While we’re on the continued discourse of our favorite former Republican Guard, why does Sayid have such a problem with Ben? I mean, Ben did cut him loose, right? Is it because Sayid’s life became empty and without purpose once Ben informed him he had no one else to kill?

Sawyer gets my vote for best line of the night: “Three years and no burnin’ buses, y’all are back for one night…”

Speaking of Sawyer… enough with the long mournful stares man. You’ve got Juliet in the hand, don’t go sniffin’ around in Kate’s bush.

Enough’s enough…

Okay, I’m cutting things short this week. I’ve a mountain of work to get to. Next week we’re looking at what I expect will be a Kate-centric episode and we’ll learn why she got on the plane, even though I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with her pining for some LaFleur action. I expect we’ll learn the fate of Aaron, and assuredly we’ll dance around the “Oh no, Little Ben’s dying” issue, which I suspect will be tied in with Kate’s new found motherly instincts.

As always, the days between episodes are pure and ungodly torture.

Uh-oh… “ungodly”. Damn if that doesn’t make me think that all these daddy issues are tied into religion and a cruel, jealous, and largely absent big guy upstairs sort of thing.

Hopefully saner heads will prevail. Someone get me Brian K. Vaughn on the phone. STAT!


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