LOST – “Namaste”



First off, in honour of Josh Holloway establishing himself as the breakout star of season five he gets to sit atop this week’s Lost in Translation. And why not? Is there anyone who doesn’t think that Sawyer aka James Ford aka Jim LaFleur has been anything but totally freaking awesome this season?

Nothing summed this up better than the meeting between the two rivals for Kate’s affection, Jack and Sawyer, and yes, as soon as Doc Sheppard stepped foot in the house that love built, LaFleur took a backseat to the sharp tongued con man with a heart of gold.

Jack stepped up to establish himself as the hero returned, the once and future leader of the 815 Surivors and he got a smackdown for his troubles. See Jack made the mistake that many have made in the past…  he dismisses Sawyer’s intellect, forgetting that this seasoned confidence man is a master manipulator and schemer and the country boy facade is just that.

Sawyer’s assessment of Jack’s leadership skills is spot on. The previous four seasons have shown that Jack reacts to crisis and this, in Sawyer’s estimation and mine as well, saw the Survivors fumble from one disastrous situation to the next.

In the three years since Jack’s departure and the undisputed reins of leadership being passed over to Sawyer we see that the small ragtag group of Surivors are now living comfortably within a long con, gathering intelligence and being in positions of authority.

Sawyer maneuvered them into a place of security and stability. No more were the Survivors reacting to the situations around them, they were, in a sense, controlling them.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially since it seems that Sawyer’s not the only one to have changed in the three years since the freighter went up in smoke… Jack too has changed. He seems more calm, as if he sees that he’s a part of a larger mechanism and he’s surrendered himself to being a well oiled cog in that machine.

Signs and Portents

Namaste was a transitional episode, maneuvering the characters into position for what is sure to be a fast and furious race to the end of season five. Coming after a two week hiatus, its timing was perfect. It set the stage for what’s to come…

Quick to establish not only where our players are, but when, there are several bulletpoints that bear mentioning:

* Frank Lapidus is the best damn pilot ever.

* It’s always nice to be proved right, as the aforementioned Frank did indeed put his bird down on the runway that Kate and Sawyer were charged to slave over back in season two. Of course now we’re left to wonder, did Ben give the order to build that strip because of his foreknowledge of future events? I’d say that’s a given.

* Sawyer made an offhand remark to Jack and Company that Faraday had some theories as to what they could and could not do while mulling around in the past. Jack perked up, “Faraday’s here?” to which Sawyer replied, “He was.” Curious that… Will be interesting to learn what’s gone down with our absent minded professor in a future episode, I’m sure.

* Hurley never ceases to put a smile on my face.

* Horace and Amy give their little future sociopath a name and it is Ethan, as in Ethan Rom. You remember Ethan. Tom Cruise’s cousin got his freak on by kidnapping Claire, whopping up on Jack with some MMA-style ass-kickery, recruiting the fertility challenged saviour du jour Juliette… oh, and getting used for target practice by the terminally challenged and  heroin addicted Charlie Pace.

* Sun mistook Ben for a baby seal and clubbed the bejesus out of him. For all his foresight and manipulative genius, Old Ben didn’t see that one coming.

* Speaking of Sun, she and Frank took a walk on the wild side, or is that a boat to the other side? Anyway, revisting New Otherton (and witnessing a wee bit of Smokey) our odd couple meet up with none other than Christian Sheppard who dropped a bomb on them… namely that their plane mates are alive and well in the waning days of the nineteen seventies.

* And Sayid? Well, it looks like he’s been having a bad go of it. Caged in a con of Sawyer’s making, our favorite ex-Republican Guard is behind bars and cuffed when fate brings a sandwich bearing child to his cell door… a bespeckled Harry Potter-esque Benjamin Linus. Look, if you’re going to have a story about time travel, you invariably have to visit the “if you could go back in time would you kill Hitler as a baby”-scenario and I’ve a feeling this is the Lost version of things…

Next week’s “He’s Our You” appears to be a Sayid-centric episode. I expect we’ll learn why Sayid ended up handcuffed and extradited on the Ajira flight, why he and Ben had a falling out, and, based on the episode teaser from ABC, our Iraqi friend is going to do his damnedest to remove Ben from his future.

I know I’ll be there… these next 8 episodes should be the wildest ones yet.


One Response to “LOST – “Namaste””

  1. Hey there. I too, am loving the build up tothis Season’s Finale. I thought I had the whole time travel thing worked out in my mind and then Sayid meets Young Ben and I wonder, has Big ben known these Losties all along? I think, though it hasn’t been explained yet, that after Sun hits Ben over the head with a paddle… I bet Ceasar and Co. find him, bring him back to the camp and that is when Locke enters and sees him beaten up and sleeping on a cot….

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