A Lost in Translation Addendum

What are we to make of this?

Marc Foxx posted this image of Tawaret over at byrnerobotics.com

What do you think?


or Anubis?


Food for thought…

Added May 19: Catch up on my coverage of season 5 by clicking HERE.

And I’m now firmly away from the statue being either of the above and I’m, for now, in the Sobek camp, at least until the writers throw us another curve ball.




9 Responses to “A Lost in Translation Addendum”

  1. And isnt that an Ankh he is holding?

  2. If it’s Tawaret – there may be a tie in with the birthing issues that come up, later on.. the reason Juliette was brought to the island. And she is the goddess protectorate of pregnant women. ;) Perhaps once the statue was gone, she withdrew her protection?

  3. cairnwood Says:

    Also, Tawaret was the consort of Set, as well as the former wife of Apep, Egyptian God of Evil. She repented her evil ways and kept Set chained in the Underworld.

    Makes me wonder if, after her presence left and mothers and children became endangered, if Set aka Smokey was loosed upon the island…???

  4. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Interesting point for me personally is that Taweret was the part of the heavens that covered the area of Draco. – the dragon or serpent.
    If 1/64 is missing then is there a part of the heavens/ force / mass or something else that is also missing – that we cannot see.
    My mind roves to the absurd. .We know that Draco guards the apples and in Tarot Thoth Universe 21 card the dancer holds the serpent in the Milky Way from which an eye is seen beaming down. The Periodic Table is seen at the bottom of the card presumbly indicating nuclear power or force.

  5. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    MU. DRA is Arrakis the dancer… so it kind of ties in also to the Waite version of the card which indicates the Universe as the dancer – that would be SHIVA.

  6. Kay P Hankinson Says:


    Honestly my gut tells me that some name is code for the periodic table – been thinking about this for years.

    EGYPT + the following

    take the numbers
    4 8 15 16 23 42

    4 watch springs missiles aircraft spacecraft

    8 Combustion, life support, welding, steel making

    15 matches, fertilizers

    16 Fire works, medicines, rubber and pesticides

    23 tools, V2O5 as catalyst, dye, color-fixer

    42 Used in aircrafts, missiles, protective coatings and also for filaments in electric heaters.

    108 Hassium

    don’t know but the whole thing seems to smell of going back into the past to fix a catastrophe of global proportions .. maybe connected to 9 1 1 ?
    emergency S O S ? MAY DAY ?

  7. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    LOL of course… if one toe is missing then it is TOE the theory of everything
    that is missing !!

  8. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    BOB do you connect MAY DAY to MAY Island ?

  9. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    quite a good link Ozymandius
    there is not a single thing that is not subject to the birth and death and the cycles of time

    What remains… ?

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