Lost – Midweek Edition


Bonus Midweek Edition

Because you can never talk too much about LOST.

This conversation keeps coming up so I thought I would address it. Ms. Hawking has said that to return to the island that they must recreate, as close as possible, the Losties’ original crash. What we end up with are the Oceanic 6 (well, 5 since Aaron’s not along for the ride) all playing different roles, plus some additions to the mix.

Jack is Jack, again with corpse as baggage.

Locke is Christian, the aforementioned baggage.

Kate is Claire. Is she carrying along a little baby bump as well? A little baby Jack in her womb perhaps?

Sayid is Kate the fugitive… with newcomer Illana being the attractive proxy for the late Federal Marshall that was transporting Ms. Austin back from her Outback hideaway.

Hurley is Charlie, with guitar in tow.

Sun is Rose, fretting over her missing husband.

Frank is the once and future pilot.

Ben is Hurley, almost late for the show and not supposed to be there.

Newbie Caesar (as he’s named in the credits) is Sayid. Why? Because of the mirrored conversation with Jack at the check-in counter. While I believe Sayid was sincere in his wish of condolences to Jack as related to his father’s passing, I get the feeling that Caesar is not as remorseful for the loss of Locke.

Well, there you have it…

But wait.

Is there more?

What about the mirror effect of the Frenchies who had washed ashore the Island of the Lost?

We’ve got a pregnant Danielle as the doppleganger for Claire and quite possibly Kate.

Montand, the poor chap who gets dragged off by smokey (much like Locke had been sometime back) and has his arm torn off. Well, Team Darlton has said that it was his violin that Jin stepped over on the beach. A mirror of the guitar wielding Charlie perhaps?

And speaking of Jin. Perhaps he is the corpse delivered to the Island by the French survivors.

Food for thought…

Sorry this is all a bit disheveled, but I’m jacked up on pain meds and trying to recover from an exciting weekend of ghost hunting. I do know that this coming Wednesday will not come soon enough. The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham will be full of additional clues and I am eager to be thrown back into the drama and chaos of the story.

Until then…



3 Responses to “Lost – Midweek Edition”

  1. great page thanks! much energy Uri

  2. Great thoughts. It makes me wonder if Danielle’s crew wasn’t a recreation on an earlier island arrival and so on…

  3. Yes, quite. Made me think about the Black Rock and its arrival on the island. Did it too mirror this scenario?

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