Lost – “316”



“Alright, let’s get started.”
Eloise Hawking

And welcome to the info dump of our program. Info dumps are important, but they are also dangerous. They can come off clunky and can derail a story’s narrative if not artfully done. That’s why I love the LOST creative team. They are the masters of delivering important information in a compelling way that makes it feel like it is not what it is.

So, we know that Jack and his posse are now charged with recreating their infamous flight. Jack needs to gather as many of the Oceanic 6 as possible and get them aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316… and for added fun, they need to take John Locke’s body along to serve as a talsmanic proxy for Jack’s late Father, the unsinkable Christian Sheppard.

Oh boy, this is fun.

“Oh, I made a promise to an old friend of mine.
Just a loose end that needs tying up.”

Benjamin Linus

And receiving the silver medal for the most chilling exchange of the evening goes to Benjamin Linus.

Not really much doubt as to Benjy’s meaning behind those words. He did indeed make a promise to an old friend, a certain Mr. Charles Widmore, and that promise was to deliver a bit of revenge and restitution for the killing of Ben’s stolen babe, Alex.

Later, when Ben calls Jack, broken, beaten, and battered, I of course had that sinking feeling that he made good on his promise and that Desmond now has the proper motivation to go back to the island that he said he was through with.

And the moral of the story is that the island always gets what it wants.

“If you want me to go with you you’ll never ask me that question again.”
Kate Austin

What did you do, Kate? Where’s Aaron? Of course there are no answers. Not yet. I could speculate, but there are no real clues. I suppose there must be a Kate-centric episode on the horizon and in it we will learn not only Aaron’s fate, but also what went down with her fulfilling her promise to Sawyer.

“The other people on this plane, what’s going to happen to them?”

“Who cares?”

Ah, at last… the gold medal for creepiest deliveries for the night. And he’s right, you know. If anything Ben has always been willing to make any sacrifice for the greater good. Okay, maybe that’s not solid. The greater good should probably be substituted for “the will of the island”. But you get my point.

Just as when Ben killed the slimy mercenary who’d cold-heartedly murdered Alex, even knowing about the dead-man device attached to Keemy’s arm… well, Ben can’t be bothered with collateral damage. And that’s all that they are to him… collateral damage.

“We’re not going to Guam, are we?”
Frank Lapidis

One of the best lines ever spoken on network television. Jeff Fahey deserves a Golden Globe or Emmy or whatever award goes to television actors for knocking one out of the park. Hell, while you’re at it, give one to the writers too.

“I wish you had believed me.”
John Locke’s suicide note to Jack

And there we have it, the Man of Science being talked to by the Man of Faith from beyond the pale. And even as Jack’s conversion to Faith-based duty reaches its ultimate fruition, a conversion that we’ve watched play out since his embattled plea of “We’ve got to go back!”… it wasn’t until this moment, when Jack read those words, that the journey was complete.

And then, in a flash, they were back.

Next week, the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham will seek to shed even more light on our journey between the worlds of faith and science.

I truly believe we are bearing witness to an important event in the history of storytelling, let alone television. This is about transformation, about redemption, and ultimately about the Emerald Tablet’s most important revelation… “As above, so below”.

2 Responses to “Lost – “316””

  1. I wish more people commented cause you do a nice job recapping the story. I am a friend from Shockliners. I wanted to know your thoughts on the recreation of the flight and what you thought about a previous 1988 group of six that came to the Island, Danielle’s crew. Something struck me strange when that crew had a violin case with them and this flight has the guitar case..but other similarities.


  2. Thanks. I appreciate that. I do have some thoughts on the flight recreation and on the various roles everyone is playing and the correlations to Danielle’s group (anyone else think Kate’s pregnant? or that Jin’s actually dead?). I’m getting set to head out on a paranormal investigation, but I’ll post my theories on Sunday.

    I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying “Lost in Translation”.

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