LOST – “This Place is Death”


This Place is Death

I began last week’s column with a quizzical “Bloody Hell?” and there’s a part of me that feels like that would be an apt beginning for my ruminations on last night’s mind-numbing tour of the home of the frozen donkey wheel. For your sake, I’ll rein in my nosebleed induced tendency to revisit the past and instead forge forth into the future with the following query:

Do the writers have a freaking checklist of things the audience are desperate to bear witness to, and if so, are they checking things off said list with each passing week?

Why yes, I think they do…

Hello Smokey, my old friend

Jin. The Frenchies and Danielle. The Smoke Monster. Oh, and THE FREAKING TEMPLE!!! Bloody Hell? Oops, I did it, didn’t I? Oh bother. Anyway, what LOST fanatic didn’t totally geek the hell out when Smokey drug Montaund off into his underground lair, and leaving the Frenchies the gift of his arm to remember their friend by?

The Temple, in all its hieroglyph-covered glory, has a watch dog, a Cerberus if you will, and it’s name is Smokey. From the bowels of the underworld it mimics the voice of its victim and lures the rest, sans Danielle who Jin convinces not to take the smokey plunge, deep into that place where I suspect that Lovecraftian demons dwell.

Later, after another Jin jump through time, we get a glimpse of the sickness that Danielle fretted over in season one, as Robert is clearly not himself and looking to pop a cap into his pregnant betrothed.

Is this where I thank the writers and producers for these scenes well played?

Marvelous. Simply awe-inspiringly marvelous.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Linus

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles… can I get a “Poor Ben”? He’s so misunderstood. Why, all he’s trying to do is get the Oceanic Six back together again so they can go on a reunion tour and save their less fortunate bandmates, you know, the ones they left behind.

Kate hauls ass out of Dodge with her faux-child.

Sayid storms off in a huff, but not before threatening not only the aforementioned Mr. Linus, but also beardless Jack.

And then here comes Sun looking to reenact the Danielle/Robert divorce proceedings with her, I can only assume, Widmore gifted hand cannon. But Ben’s got an ace up his sleeve, or more accurately a ring in his pocket… proof that Jin’s alive and kicking.

Was there any doubt that this information was all that was needed to get our favorite dragonlady on board the Island Express?

Who didn’t squirm with glee when Sun, Jack, and Ben headed off to an out of the way Kirk to meet with a woman with all the answers, only to find that they were not alone in this journey? Yes, when Desmond showed up, confirming that the enigmatic Mrs. Hawking was indeed the mother of one young Daniel Faraday, I grinned knowingly from ear to ear.


It set the stage for next week’s out of sequence turn of events… but wait, we’re not done, although one cast member certainly is. Done, I mean.

Charlotte’s Web

Good night, sweet Charlotte, and so long… we hardly knew ya. Sure, we all saw it coming, but still, it was sad to see her go… and in Daniel’s arms no less.

Charlotte’s backstory, a victim of last season’s writer’s strike, came flooding out in a disjointed, time sickness induced ramble, and boy was it a whopper.

So Charlotte was indeed raised on the island, her parents being members of the Dharma Initiative in its heyday. Her dad went kind of bonkers or some such and mother and child fled to London, pre-Purge, where Charlotte was led to believe that her Island life was mere fantasy…

The kicker though was her revelation that her younger self was told by an odd chap to not return to the island lest she kick the proverbial bucket. All well and good except she adds that said odd chap was none other than Faraday himself.

Oh, this is all good stuff, isn’t it? Yes, I think it is.

Un-Locke-d and Loaded

John Locke is a man with a mission, driven, if you will, by unseen forces, but ultimately played as a pawn by those same forces. He is the island’s sacrificial lamb.

Returning to the Orchid, only to have it time jumped out of existence, we find a well… a well that John Locke is more than happy to descend into to fulfill his mission. And yes, I get the bookend symbolism involved… Smokey’s Lair and The Well of Souls that is the resting place of the donkey wheel… John climbs out on the rope with a wink and a smile… and steely resolve.

Sawyer says, “Don’t you want us to lower you down, you old coot?”

To which Locke replies, “Where would be the fun in the that?”

And so it goes. John Locke, star-crossed and ill-fated, descends into the bowels only to have cruel fate deal him another blow. A time jump closes the well, severs the rope, and sends him crashing down toward a bone-snapping date with Mother Earth and a chat with everyone’s favorite phantasmal paternal presence, Christian Sheppard.

See, Jack’s Dad is not exactly happy. He told Locke to move the island. Instead, Locke allowed Ben to manipulate the situation and play the slaughtered lambchop. No, no, no, sayeth the Sheppard. That role was Locke’s alone and he must now fix that which he has wrought.

Or something.

The wheel is off-kilter and, I assume that once it’s righted the island’s time jumps are no more, though I suspect that time has been reset and we are back in the pre-Purge Dharma Days for the foreseeable future.

Way to go John.

So next week, we’ll find out how Jack, Kate, and Crew make it back to Fantasy Island. The week after, how John ended up a corpus delecti.

And I’ll be there, watching from the safety of my wife-shared couch. I trust you’ll be there too… at least in spirit.

ADDENDUM: During next week’s episode, I expect Ajira Airways to play a part in the Oceanic 6’s return to the island, but don’t expect a crash… Remember the airstrip that Sawyer and Kate were charged to construct during their imprisonment on the other island? Look for a recruited Lapidis to fly an Ajira plane safely to that strip with our favorite Losties on board. Ties in nicely with the outriggers and the Ajira water bottle too.

I guess we’ll find out next week.


2 Responses to “LOST – “This Place is Death””

  1. The time shifts were starting to wear a bit thin, so I do hope John’s turn of the screw brings them to a halt. Also — Daniel’s enigmatic quote that bringing the mainland-bound Losties back to the island goes beyond science is both self-evident and potentially too pat an answer for things. I trust the writers will address the point in deserving fashion.

    Still my favorite show going. Going to have to get the whole thing on DVD, though, as suffering through the interminable commercials is almost beyond endurable.

  2. I hear that about the commercial breaks… maddening. And speaking of maddening, I expect that, yes, the donkey wheel has been righted and we can now settle into a storyline that I feel will be cemented squarely in the early days of the Dharma Initiative’s work on the island. Something has to be righted there as well, I assume. Will be fun to see where the writers take us from here…

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