Lost – “The Little Prince”


The Little Prince

Miles: “Those yahoos have been here for months. I’ve never been here before two weeks ago.”

Daniel: “Are you sure about that?”

Bloody Hell? That’s how it is then? Each week the creators are going to punch us in the gut? They’re setting up mysteries and, if not out and out knocking them down, are at least adding tantalizing little tid-bits, bread crumbs if you will, leading us right into the witch’s oven.

Before we get down to discussing the episode there is one thing I’d like to draw your attention to, you know, before we’re knee deep in the blood pudding.

Ben’s carpet cleaning van.

Oh, those crafty LOST writers… they think they’re cute, don’t they? Remember Season Three and the funeral home where Jeremy “Locke” Bentham was laid out?


An anagram for “Flash Forward”.

What’s this to do with Ben’s van? Well, plastered on the side in bold red (blood red?) letters is the company name… Canton-Rainier.

Go on… I’ll give you a second to mull it over.

Canton-Rainier. Got it? No?

Canton-Rainier is an anagram for… reincarnation.

Like I said, Bloody Hell.

I thought that “The Little Prince” was every bit as earth-shaking as last week’s “Jughead”. We finally learn what we always suspected, that Ben was the driving force behind Kate’s baby-momma drama.

We had multiple nose bleeds… first Charlotte, then Miles, followed by Juliet. If our resident egghead is right, and these nose bleeds are related to the amount of time that one’s spent on the island, well that opens up a can of worms. We know that Juliet has been on the island for three years, so therefore…  I know, I know. The rumors and innuendos  have already been making the rounds. While I thought it assured that Charlotte was “of the island”, I wasn’t as convinced of Miles’ connection. Now it seems to be even more clear. Miles being the son of Chang is almost chisled in stone.

All this, and I still haven’t mentioned the resurrection of everyone’s favorite Korean enforcer, Jin. Sun’s beau being plucked from the sea by a young and very pregnant Danielle Rousseau… gotta admit… didn’t see that coming.

And now, I’ll end things with my favorite moment. Not too hard to put a finger on. In what I consider one of the best scenes ever on this series, we see Sawyer responding to a woman’s screams in the jungle. He runs off to play the hero and stumbles upon the season one event of Claire giving birth to Aaron, with Kate playing midwife.

Josh Holloway deserves an Emmy just for the look on his face as he looks at Kate.

And then, in a flash, she was gone…

Best show on television? Little doubt about that, but now I am increasingly thinking it may be the most ambitious series in the history of television. They’re pulling out all the stops and the writers have made it clear, they’re playing for keeps.


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